Everybody needs a little help sometimes

WHO We Help?

Any woman, at any age or stage of life who needs support. We specialise in pregnancy support.

HOW We Help?

  • COUNSELLING - we believe that you are the expert of your own story - our Professional Counsellors are great listeners and will support you to find the best answer for your unique situation and circumstances.

  • MENTORING - a friend to do the journey with. Life is easier when you can do it with a friend. Our mentors are women just like you and me who eat too much chocolate, drink far too much coffee (or tea,) have their own stories of joy and sadness, and want to do crazy and fun and kindness and love with someone just like you…..

  • IN-HOME-HELP- We provide our perinatal clients with in-home practical assistance. This might consist of light house duties, meals, running errands or just making an awesome cup-of- tea … (we bring the iced vovo’s)

  • ADVOCACY - we help the women who come to us get what they need. This can include but is not limited to, accompanying them to appointments, helping them to talk with someone they are struggling to communicate with, navigating the NDIS, assisting with Child Safety and/or court support.

  • INFORMATION  - We provide information around Community and Social Support Services, Disability Services, Reproductive Choice and Menopause Information.

All of our services are FREE and are subject to availability of suitable volunteers.

Life’s better when its done together

Call, Text or Chat between 9 AM & 5 PM , Monday to Friday

Phone 0479 055 777